WordPress-Brute-Force – Super Fast Login WordPress Brute Force

WordPress Brute Force Super Fast Login

.—. .———–

/ \ __ / ——

/ / \( )/ —–

////// ‘ \/ ` —

//// / // : ★★ : —

// / / /` ‘–

// //..\ WpCrack Brute Froce Tool™




usage: python WpCrack.py [options]

optional arguments:

-h, –help show this help message and exit

-V, –version show program’s version number and exit

-d, –debug debugging mode

target arguments:

-t , –target url of the target

-u , –username username of the target (default: admin)

-p , –password password of the target (change -p to –p to use a wordlist)

–timeout timed out for requests

–thread numbe rs of threading multiproccesor (default: 5)

–proxy using a HTTP proxy (ex: http://site.com:8000)

Copyright © 2021 Andrew – Powered by Indonesian Darknet

How To Use

Using a single password

python WpCrack.py -t http://site.com/wp-login.php -u admin -p password

Using a multiple password / wordlist

python WpCrack.py -t http://site.com/wp-login.php -u admin –p wordlist.txt


WpCrack is a tool used to force login into the WordPress CMS web application and is built in the Python programming language



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